We got started right where you are now.

Wouldn’t you like a life where you don’t have to worry about money and can do whatever you like … whatever you LOVE?

By age 22 I learned lot of life lessons.  I had almost lost my life, became a refugee in my our country, played sports at the highest level, failed in college, lived on a street and completed my bachelors and started and failed in multiple businesses. Lost everything including my home. By age 15 I had travelled tens of thousands of miles alone and only thing that I encountered was failure and a never give up attitude.

My name is Julish Bhat and my purpose of life is to help tech immigrants like me to become financially free so that they can focus on family and also pursue dreams and desires they couldn’t pursue otherwise.

All my life has been series of failures to the point I become instant success. I came to United States from India in 2001 to study Masters in Business and IT with no money in my pocket. After completion of my masters I started with $100/month job.  After going through many years of learning and building my skill set I thought I made it, as I kept getting promoted and became good at what I do.

During this journey I met my wife Sucriti Babu in 2005 & together we built foundation of our home based on openness, honesty and one set of goals be it family or financials. It was very important to work together and share what was important for us. Personal finance is the key and it is not possible to be financially free without focusing on personal finance. Based on these common set of goals we started tracking our financials and budgeting and that became foundation of our wealth-building journey

Life was good, or so we thought…

In 2013 I lost my high paying tech job as an executive and we were back where we started. It was a turning point for us. At that point we both decided that we would never rely on a job. In next 5 years we set a course for that was hard, requiring lot of learning and time. After that job loss in 2013, I worked full time on a demanding job as an IT executive but also we focused on building financial future. Sucriti also finished her masters and started working as an analyst but focus on always saving money from paycheck by budgeting and to start looking to investing in real estate after lot of research.

In 2014 we rented our 1st condo and used rent and other savings to start investing in real estate buy and hold. With each passing year we bought 2 -3 condos and eventually bought many multi family properties.  We are now financially free with 30 different income streams. We also learnt how to sell on amazon, provided value consulting, in addition to my full time IT executive job. None of this was overnight but a grind of thousands hours of learning.

During this time, three things were key to our success:
One was patience, second was focus, and third was execution.

Over the years we built real estate brand and has done over $30 million dollar in transactions and actively pursuing $50 million dollar worth of real estate while generating 30 multiple streams of revenue generation, with the highest levels of ethics, authenticity and transparency.

We learned how to create “out of the box” solutions to exponentially increase my investments through simple techniques.

We have gained experience in Real Estate and Personal Finance for last many years. We built Systems and Processes that allows us to do a full time job and manage multiple Real Estate Properties. Now we don’t need or have to work but we like to work.

At this point of life my goal is to share this incredible powerful wealth building strategy with other like-minded tech immigrants. It is possible to take a breather and live a fulfilled life and life of independence. Travel the world, have a vacation whenever you want or vacation home in Hawaii.

Once you are on this journey you will feel confident, fulfilled and will have time to choose whatever you like to pursue or just feel good that you have built generational wealth of your children.

Get started on building your empire at 3 different entry levels.

The Ground Floor

For the investor who wants to take the 1st step in their passive income journey. Will result in $200/month passive income and other tax benefits.


Put your investments on autopilot & realize the power of passive wealth building. For the investor who wants to achieve basic financial freedom. Will result in $2000/month passive income and other tax benefits.

Building Your Own Empire

Get to $10 million in real estate and relish financial freedom. Expand your investments to produce generational wealth. For the investor who wants to achieve the ultimate financial freedom. Will result in $10,000/month passive income and other tax benefits.

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